How to prevent dry mouth while sleeping

Patients who suffer from dry mouth are not alone. Millions of patients in the United States deal with this condition at one point or another, some in a more chronic form. Saliva in the mouth is important for one’s oral health, as it helps in flushing away food particles and keeping acids and sugars from… Read More »

What to expect at a routine dental visit

Both adults and children may experience some dental anxiety. However, fretting about what to expect during a routine dental visit will give some patients unneeded anxiety. In fact, it is reported by the CDC that approximately 40% of adults do not see their dentist regularly—and for some of this, it is due to fear of… Read More »

Ways in which dental implants can improve the smile

Patients with missing teeth are often unsure as to the best way to restore their smile. There are various methods available, and Dr. James A. Oshetski of Brunswick, ME encourages men and women to speak to him about tooth replacement options including dental implants. Dental implants are a long-lasting and highly desirable way to replace… Read More »

restorative dentistry | James A. Oshetski

What to do about a chipped tooth

Whether you were chewing on ice cubes or experienced trauma to the mouth, you may be putting yourself at risk for experiencing a chipped tooth. Chipped teeth are not only uncomfortable, but can leave the tooth exposed to experience an infection, cuts to the soft tissues, or other serious problems that can result in permanent… Read More »

Why might a patient choose a dental bridge for tooth replacement?

Dental implants. Full dentures. Partial dentures. Dental bridges. There are so many options available to patients today for restoring their smile after the extraction or loss of natural teeth. However, it can be overwhelming for some patients to decide which solution is best for their unique and individual needs. One solution that we encourage patients… Read More »

Porcelain Veneers | General Dentistry | James A. Oshetski

4 cosmetic dental procedures available with Dr. James A. Oshetski

At the practice of Dr. James A. Oshetski, patients in and around the Brunswick, ME community can obtain quality care with a team of professionals. In addition to general dentistry solutions including routine evaluations, x-rays, and dental fillings, our team also provides a wide selection of cosmetic dentistry options for the smile. Cosmetic dental procedures… Read More »

Oral Cancer

How to lower your risk of oral cancer

At the practice of Dr. James A. Oshetski, patients in the Brunswick, ME area need to understand the importance of routine cleanings and evaluations at the dentist. Not only does this help patients keep their teeth clean and allow the dentist to spot problems early, it also allows for an evaluation for oral cancer. Oral… Read More »

How Is Periodontal Disease Detected in the Smile?

You’ve heard the dentist discuss the importance of avoiding gum disease. But what exactly is this condition and how can it impact your smile? Dr. James A. Oshetski speaks with patients in the area of Brunswick, ME about how patients can improve the health of their smile with the avoidance of gum disease. What is… Read More »

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