Why might a patient choose a dental bridge for tooth replacement?

Dental implants. Full dentures. Partial dentures. Dental bridges.

There are so many options available to patients today for restoring their smile after the extraction or loss of natural teeth. However, it can be overwhelming for some patients to decide which solution is best for their unique and individual needs. One solution that we encourage patients to consider is that of the dental bridge.

What is a dental bridge?

When you think of a bridge, you might be thinking of a bridge over a body of water or over the interstate. A dental bridge works in a similar manner, “bridging the gap” left behind from a missing tooth or teeth. The bridge is made to use the adjacent teeth to hold it in place, while placing a false tooth called a pontic in-between. The pontic aligns into the area left behind from the lost tooth to complete the dental arch.

Why choose a dental bridge?

There are many reasons why a Brunswick, ME area patient may replace a missing or extracted tooth with a dental bridge. For some patients, it is the most economical option for them when using benefits from their dental insurance plan. Others may want a more permanent alternative to a partial denture, which is removable and not permanent. Dental implants may not be a good solution for a patient because they might not be a candidate for treatment, especially if they have experienced bone loss with the loss of their natural tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are versatile and may be right for many of the patient who visit our practice for a solution.

How do you care for a dental bridge?

Bridges are easy to care for. They should be evaluated at each routine dental examination, and are brushed just like the existing teeth. Patients will need to learn how to floss underneath the bridge to keep food particles and bacteria from developing along the gumline.

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While dental implants are a wonderful solution for many patients, they are not the best option for everyone. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a dental bridge for tooth replacement, do not hesitate to contact our practice in Brunswick, ME to discuss your needs. Call our team at (207) 729-1159 to schedule a consultation and initial evaluation at our practice.

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