Advanced Implant Technology


Complete Digital Treatment

Dr. Oshetski incorporates a 100% complete digital implant treatment from the beginning diagnostics until the teeth are replaced. You will experience the power and benefits of digital technology making your appointments shorter, more predictable, less often and an overall more affordable treatment.

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

CBCT 3-dimensional radiography has revolutionized implant dentistry. Dr. Oshetski is at the forefront of this technology and one of the first offices to obtain powerful technology when it was first available to clinicians about a decade ago. We are proud to have a new Prexion Excelsior touting one of the highest resolutions and lowest radiation the industry. The detailed 3D imaging allows Dr. Oshetski to evaluate your existing bone, teeth, and root structure. It allows for highly accurate surgical procedures and advanced diagnostic capabilities. Dental Implant treatment is more conservative and accurate with the powerful 3-dimensional technology and its precise measurement tools.

Computer Tomography - Dental Implants

Computer Tomography Dental Implant Example

Intra-oral STL Scanning

Standard Tellessation Language, is a stereolithographic data file that measures the shape of teeth and gums.

This technology is used in implant dentistry to relate the existing or planned gum and tooth shape into advanced computer treatment planning. This file can be combined with CBCT imaging and photos to create a virtual patient. It is also used to scan implants for creation of the implant tooth or teeth in cad-cam technology.

Dental implant procedure in brunswick ME

Dental implant machine

3D Navigation Implant Surgery (X-Nav)

This technology was pioneered in neurosurgery where a precise location is paramount to the success of the procedure. Surgical dental implant placement has similar safety and positional concerns as with neurosurgery. 3D navigation is a surgical technology that gives the implant surgeon realtime position with guidance of the ideal implant position. This technology allows for a “restorative-driven” implant placement position. In other words, it allows for an ideal position for the implant placement from which to build the implant tooth. Currently, Dr. Oshetski is the only implant surgeon to utilize this technology in Maine.

Dental Implant in progress Example

Computer generated tooth implant

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

Another digital option for surgical placement is computer-guided surgery utilizing computer-milled surgical guides. Dr. Oshetski employs this technology in his full-arch TeethXpress protocol. This solution also utilizes guided prosthetics, (immediate implant teeth replacement) which is revolutionary in implant dentistry.

Different views of implant procedures

Computer generated dental technology


Cad-Cam Milled Restorations in Implant Dentistry

Cad-Cam Milled Restorations

Full arch Premium Prettau restorations combine strength and beauty:

Full Arch restoration

Full mouth implant

Digital Occlusal Technology (Tekscan)

Finally, after the implant teeth are delivered, it would only be proper to deliver the teeth and assure that the bite is accurate and healthy for your implants. No other technology is more accurate than this in measuring the timing and intensity of your bite. Typical bite papers used by dentists are no longer considered adequate for implants. For more information on this technology visit Tekscan.

TekScan device

Bottom arch tooth detail

Tekscan Readings


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