Nancy’s Past

“For the past 20 years I had severe periodontal disease, including loose teeth, frequent infections, and missing back teeth resulting in upper and lower partial dentures. Everything in my diet was soft. In addition to chewing limitations, I was experiencing constant pain related to my jaw. This was an issue that had increased slowly over the past 25 years; a constant undercurrent pain that was considered my normal. Day to day, I was fearful of my jaw locking, even with talking. I did not smile showing my teeth, always with lips closed.”

Nancy’s Treatment Experience

Q: What were you expecting to happen when you were referred to Dr.Oshetski?

Nancy: “I really didn’t know. But I really wanted the pain to stop. I overall wanted relief from pain from my jaw, and I really did not want to be hurt during the process. What I was expecting was to really get help. I wanted it not to hurt and wanted it to look good. I remember the first time I was there, Dr. Oshetski had asked me what I wanted as an end result, and so I told him I wanted teeth that would look like what a movie star would look like if she was having this procedure. His response was, “We can do that.” “And the thing is, they do! I have never looked so good.”

Q: How would you summarize your treatment experience?

Nancy: “Dr. Oshetski and staff really paid attention and learned about who I was as an individual. This determined exactly what I needed in terms of explanation and in terms of personal relationship. This practice worked with me incredibly and respected what I could and could not do in terms of pain management and limitations during procedures.”

Nancy’s Result

Q: How do you feel now after a year with your new smile?

Nancy: “I wear lipstick now. I’ve never worn lipstick before in my life because I did not want to bring attention to my mouth. I just never had a good smile or was satisfied with my smile.” “I can chew things in terms of my teeth and my jaw joints, without pain, with enjoyment! With relish, and with satisfaction. I can chew anything. All of a sudden I’ve discovered the great satisfaction of food again.”

“I’m healthier. I’m not having constant pain. Not in my jaw or my teeth.”

“I smile now. It’s very different now as I’m relaxed when I’m out and about. People respond to it… strangers on the street.”

Q: Is there anything else that you want to say in addition?

Nancy:“I just feel… happiness…” “All practices are not created equal…. what is in my mouth is a feat of engineering.” “I can see now, when I smile in the mirror, it looks great! I feel like I’m glowing from the inside.” “My only regret was, it’s too bad I waited until I was 70 to have this done.”

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