Bone Grafting

What Is Bone Grafting?

Implant tooth or teeth replacement is the most reliable form of replacement as it uses and maintains a patients bone where the tooth once was. Occasionally, after tooth loss or bone loss as a result of an infected tooth, the need to regenerate that bone is necessary. The prognosis of an implant is best when the bone is of proper quantity and quality. Bone grafting is a safe and reliable procedure that regenerates the missing bone so that implant teeth can be placed.

Sinus Augmentation

The maxillary sinus is an air-filled cavity that is directly above the posterior teeth. In health, this cavity is empty and air-filled and functions to give resonance to the voice. Often after tooth loss or periodontitis, the amount of bone required to place a dental implant is inadequate. Dr. Oshetski routine either grafts bone in the sinus as a separate lateral window or “Caldwell-Luc” procedure or in conjunction with implant placement. Dr. Oshetski will determine which is the most practical option based on your specific condition.
Sinus grafting is extremely predictable and safe. Dr. Oshetski has performed thousands of sinus grafts and utilizes the latest technology to ensure you are a safe candidate and your sinuses are healthy for grafting.

Socket Grafts

When a tooth requires removal and implant tooth replacement, when the tooth is not in an esthetic area Dr. Oshetski places bone graft material in the socket to maintain the dimension of the jaw. After tooth loss, the body resorbs some of the width and height of bone to form a clot and rebuild a portion of the bone and gum. This process causes bone loss or atrophy, leading to the inadequate bone to place an implant in the ideal position or giving an anesthetic result. To prevent this Dr. Oshetski places an ideal biological bone scaffold material and utilizes patients own biologic healing by incorporating platelets. This combination provides excellent healing and reliable bone quality and quantity.

What Are Membrane Bone Grafts?

When a large area requires bone regeneration for implant replacement Dr. Oshetski will perform a membrane bone graft. This procedure utilizes particulate bone that is molded and sculpted to full the missing portion and a collagen membrane is placed to seal off the graft so the bone can grow below. This procedure is often necessary after many years of missing teeth or after bone loss following an infected tooth.

Block Grafts

The largest areas to regenerate sometimes require the predictability of a block graft to regenerate the area. A piece or “block” of bone is placed into the missing area and secured in place with screws. This block builds ups contours predictably and maintains the shape required to place the implant is the best position and build-up the gum tissue. The block can be removed from a remote place in the patient’s jaw such a the mandibular ramus. alternatively, processed allografts or human bone blocks can be used.

Immediate Implants

When possible Dr. Oshetski will place implants into the position where the tooth root was in the same appointment. Typically reserved for an esthetic area, the immediate implant procedure is a tremendous service to those patients about to lose an anterior tooth. The immediate implant tooth looks exactly like the missing tooth and preserves the gum contours. Immediate implants are also used in the TeethXpress protocol, providing a full arch of implant teeth immediately. This wonderful technology is enabling those about to lose all their teeth the capability of not wearing a complete denture as the teeth are placed in the same procedure.

What Is Gum Grafting?

After tooth loss, both bone and gum tissue is lost. To restore the esthetic and protective function of the gum tissue Dr. Oshetski will often perform a gum graft to build back the missing portion of gum. This procedure is painless and utilizes a small portion of the patient’s gum tissue from another area of the mouth.

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