Oshetski Implant Seminars

Dental Implant Complications: Prevention and Treatment

Friday January 19, 2017
8:00am to 3:00pm

As clinicians we appreciate the modality of dental implants and the positive effects these rehabilitations have on our patients. However, complications are on the rise as more clinicians are providing implant surgical and restorative procedures. Unique from any other dental specialty, diagnosing and treating complications in implant dentistry requires thorough understanding of both prosthetic and surgical components. This complexity often makes it difficult to identify the etiology of the complication and a treatment solution. This presentation will focus on giving clinicians insight into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of implant complications.

Seminar topics and demonstrations

  1. Full-arch fixed prosthetics and keys to complication avoidance.
  2. Common anterior esthetic implant failures and their treatment.
  3. Ideal dental implant positions in single and full-arch rehabilitation scenarios.
  4. Common complications with full-arch removable implant prosthetics.
  5. Computerized occlusal analysis in the treatment and prevention of dental implant complications.
  6. Computer guided stents and the role of 3D navigation in the avoidance of implant-related complications.
  7. Etiology and treatment options of peri-implantmucositis and peri-impantitis.
  8. Abutment and cement-related complications and their treatment.
  9. Digital workflow and complication free placement and restorations.
  10. Live patient demo of digital occlusal analysis in optimizing implant occlusion/ symptomatic TMD patient

*This seminar limited to 35 attendees
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Fee $345