How to lower your risk of oral cancer

Oral CancerAt the practice of Dr. James A. Oshetski, patients in the Brunswick, ME area need to understand the importance of routine cleanings and evaluations at the dentist. Not only does this help patients keep their teeth clean and allow the dentist to spot problems early, it also allows for an evaluation for oral cancer. Oral cancer is a condition that can be prevented with early detection and intervention.

How to lower your risk of oral cancer

There are many ways in which patients can not only reduce their risk of developing oral cancer, but ways to keep the condition from getting severe without intervention in a timely manner.

  • Visit the dentist every six months. The American Dental Association recommends that patients of all ages visit their community dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and evaluation. At the same time, Dr. James A. Oshetski recommends that patients undergo a quick screening for oral cancer during their appointment. Oral cancer often presents itself as a growth or sore anywhere in the oral cavity, such as the tongue, the cheeks, the gums, and the throat. With a proper evaluation, patients can reduce their risks.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle. In the case of many cancers, it is important that patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients who smoke tobacco have an increased risk of developing oral cancer, as well as those who drink regularly and heavily. By limiting these habits, you can reduce your risk of cancer.
  • Eat foods high in antioxidants. When you eat a healthy diet, especially one high in antioxidants, you are greatly reducing the risk of cancer in the body. It is also a great way to maintain a healthy weight, alongside regular exercise and activity.

Speak to our team at Implant and Restorative Dentistry to learn more about oral cancer

Early detection is vital to prevention of oral cancer. Call Dr. James A. Oshetski to undergo a full evaluation and learn more about the dangers of oral cancer. The practice is located at 14 Maine Street, Ste. 409 in Brunswick, ME and can be reached at (207) 729-1159.

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