All About Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Sedation Dentistry Options AvailableDental anxiety is nothing new. Many dental facilities are prepared to handle patients who have a fear of the dentist’s chair. For many patients who visit Dr. James A. Oshetski and are still trying to conquer their fear of dentists, sedation solutions await. Brunswick, ME patients are welcome to ask about nitrous oxide sedation as a way of easing their fears and making their visit a positive experience.

What is nitrous oxide sedation?

Have you ever heard of laughing gas? This gas, which is odorless and colorless, has been used for decades in dental offices to ease anxious patients. It became known as laughing gas because some patients become happy and giddy while inhaling this gas. Others find they are so relaxed that they can take a quick nap. Nitrous oxide has been used in the past and continues to be used today because it is incredibly safe yet effective.

How do I receive nitrous oxide?

Since nitrous oxide is a gas, it is administered through the nose with a special nose piece. Patients are able to breathe in through the nose and experience almost immediate relaxation. The nitrous oxide is continually given to the patient by the dental hygienist who monitors the amount administered. The amount of nitrous oxide can be increased or decreased depending on the patient’s experience. When getting the right level of nitrous oxide, most patients will be incredibly relaxed and will experience little to no discomfort during their treatment. This sedation can be used along with local anesthetics for optimum comfort.

Who is a candidate for nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide has been a great solution for patients of all ages, including children who may be uneasy about visiting the dentist. Nitrous oxide is not always used for dental anxiety. Patients who have strong gag reflexes or treatment that are more invasive may benefit from asking for nitrous oxide during their appointment.

Are you anxious about visiting the dentist?

Take time to speak to our team about the advantages of nitrous oxide sedation for mild dental anxieties. Dr. James A. Oshetski can be reached at (207) 729-1159 and is located at 14 Maine Street, Ste. 409 in Brunswick, ME.

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