How Does Sugar Affect the Health of the Smile?

Dental wear on your teethDr. James A. Oshetski of Brunswick, ME understands the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile. When patients are interested in learning about how their diet and nutrition affects their oral health, they are often introduced to the dangers of sugar.

How does damage to the teeth occur?

The two most common causes of tooth damage include periodontal disease and tooth decay. Periodontal disease is an infection that occurs when patients are not giving their smile the appropriate attention. This includes brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits. It can damage the soft tissues, the bone, and the teeth. Tooth decay and erosion occur when acids dissolve the natural tooth enamel and cause holes in the teeth. When these holes get deep enough into the tooth’s structure, they can reach the nerves inside and cause severe pain. Tooth decay results from bacteria in the mouth that use sugars from foods and beverages to produce acids. These acids can be found in many different beverages and should be avoided whenever possible. Beverages high in acid include soft drinks (including diet soft drinks) and sports energy drinks. Juices often have medium acidity, and should be enjoyed in moderation or occasionally, while water and milk have low acidity and can benefit patients nutritionally.

How to fight tooth decay and erosion

Dr. James A. Oshetski offers the following tips and tricks for keeping sugars from ruining your smile:

  • Only drink soft drinks occasionally or, better yet, not at all.
  • Drink acidic and sugary beverages with a straw to reduce exposure of the teeth
  • Drink water after enjoying a sugary or acidic drink to flush out and dilute any leftover sugars
  • Protect your teeth with fluoride toothpastes, and brush after enjoying sugary foods or beverages
  • Avoid sugary or acid drinks at bedtime
  • Drink water whenever possible as it is free from sugars, acids, empty calories, and can maintain hydration

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